Partners: network

Irving Dana, Elena M. Dunkelberger, John Graham Jr., Lisa Johnson, Roderick R. Kirkwood, William Larson, Gregory Norby, Magenta Pierrot, James Roubal, Robert Teske, Martin de Vrieze

Active 1986-1998

Firm Notes

DLR Group, of Omaha, NB, and John Graham and Company merged on 05/19/1986 to form "DLR Group/John Graham and Company," between 1986-1998. John Graham, Jr., (1908-1991) son of the firm's founder, retired in 1986. With Graham stalwart, Roderick Kirkwood, installed as President, the Seattle office of this new firm employed 11 DLR staff members and 45 Graham employees. The office was located in the 6th Avenue and Pike Street Office Building in Downtown Seattle, WA.

After 1998, the Graham name was dropped from the merged corporate title.

PCAD id: 3068