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Edgar Frederick Bissantz, Roland Eli Coate Sr., Roland Eli Coate Jr., William Henry Harrison, William J. Meyer, Benjamin Parker

Active 1925-1942; 1944-1956

Firm Notes

Coate, Sr., became a leading practitioner in Los Angeles of various period revival styles during the 1920s and 1930s. He became especially well-known for his "Hollywood Regency" residences of that time period.

The Stafford W. Bixby House, South Pasadena, CA was Coate, Sr.'s first independent commission.

PCAD id: 300

1001 Holly Vista House, Pasadena, CA1951PasadenaCA
Adams, Morgan, House Project
Bandini, Elliott House, Palos Verdes Estates, CAPalos Verdes EstatesCA
Battson, Leigh McMaster and Lucy Smith Doheny, House, Beverly Hills, CA1955Beverly HillsCA
Bixby, Stafford W., House, South Pasadena, CA1925South PasadenaCA
California Petroleum Corporation Service Station, Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA1927Los AngelesCA
Campbell House, Oak Knoll, Pasadena, CA1924PasadenaCA
Charnley, William S., House, Pasadena, CAPasadenaCA
Coate, Roland E., Sr., Beach House, Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach, CALaguna BeachCA
Cukor, George, House, Beverly Hills, CA1935Beverly HillsCA
Fudger, Eva K.J., House, Hancock Park, Los Angeles, CA1925-1926Los AngelesCA
Fudger, Mrs. Richard B., House, Beverly Hills, CABeverly HillsCA
Hart, W.B., House, Pasadena, CAPasadenaCA
Johnson, Farley, House, Downey, CADowneyCA
Lipiatt, H.C.-Taylor, M.P., House, Bel-Air, Los Angeles, CALos AngelesCA
Norcross, D.C., House, Los Angeles, CALos AngelesCA
O'Melveny, Henry W., and Marie Antoinette Schilling, House, Los Angeles, CA1934Los AngelesCA
Pasadena Town Club, Pasadena, CA1931PasadenaCA
Pond, Robert E. House, Pasadena, CAPasadenaCA
Sebring, Everett, House, La Cañada Flintridge, CA1939La Cañada FlintridgeCA
Selznick, David O., House, Beverly Hills, CA1933-1934Beverly HillsCA
Smiley, Arthur S. House, Bel Air, Los AngelesLos AngelesCA
Taylor, Robert and Stanwyck, Barbara, House, Beverly Hills, CA1941Beverly HillsCA
Vinmont, Jacques House, Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CALos AngelesCA
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