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Martha Schwartz, Peter J. Walker

Active 1983-1990

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and New York, NY. According to the Process: Architecture issue of 10/1989 (#85), Walker indicated that his partnership with Schwartz dated from 1983; according to the book, "Martha Schwartz Transformation of the Commonplace," (1997), the partnership of Walker and Schwartz started in 1986. Schwartz indicated that this partnership ended in 1990. (This date disparity is odd considering that Walker and Schwartz were a married couple.) Walker continued to operate the firm under various names, including "Peter Walker William Johnson and Partners" (c. 1998) and "Peter Walker and Partners" (in the early 1990s and c. 2010). The firm's own web site in 2010 referred to itself as "Peter Walker and Partners (PWP)."

PCAD id: 2759