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Harry Lee Cummings Jr., Eugene Glenn Martenson

Active 1957-1968

Firm Notes

Cummings and Martenson, Architects, operated their practice in Kirkland, WA. In a Seattle Times newspaper article of 1968, the firm announced its dissolution: "Cummings & Martenson, Architects & Associates, announced the separation of the 11-year partnership and the formation of separate offices. Harry L. Cummings, Jr., has established the firm of Cummings Associates, Architect-Planner, at 220 First St., Kirkland. Eugene G. Martenson has formed Martenson & Associates, Architect, and will remain at 1201 Market St., Kirkland." (See "Architects End 11-Year Partnership," Seattle Times, 11/10/1968, p. F7.)

PCAD id: 2688