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Roy Morse Drew, James Gordon, Lawrence A. Hoeksema, Donald W. Leonard, William A. Magnuson, John Robert Mosher, Felipe Ricketts, Eric Soldau, William Joseph Watson

Active 1972-2012

Firm Notes

This firm, the successor of Mosher, Drew, Wastson and Associates, maintained its headquarters in San Diego, CA.

In 2006, Larry Hoeksema served as President of MDWF; Don Leonard, AIA, served as Principal and Felipe Ricketts, AIA, LEED, was a Senior Architect. In 2008, William A. Magnuson, AIA, was, along with Hoeksma and Leonard, a Partner of MDWF.

On 10/12/2008, MDWF appointed named Eric Soldau, Associate, and James Gordon, senior project designer; Solday had been with MDWF since c. 1998; Gordon formerly worked as a partner with Schmidt Scanlon Gordon. Address in 2009: 4206 West Point Loma Boulevard, Suite 200, San Diego, CA, 92110; tel: 619.223.2400 (2009).

The firm changed its name to "Architects Mosher Drew" in 2012.

PCAD id: 2589