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Arber J. Huber, Robert G. Hunt, Robert C. Hunt, Paul B. Hunt, Harold S. Nichols

Active 1944-2000

Firm Notes

This construction firm began operations in 1944. According to the firm's web site, "Huber and Nichols left the company shortly after its founding and Paul Hunt carried on as sole owner. The cornerstone of Hunt’s founding began during World War II with industrial / manufacturing facilities." (See AECOM Hunt, "History/Timeline: The Beginning," accessed 03/28/2018.) The firm became known as the "Hunt Construction Group" in 2000. According to the firm's timeline, growth beyond the Midwest began ten years after World War II. "In 1956 General Motors asked Hunt to build a facility in San Francisco—in essence, inaugurating Hunt’s expansion throughout the United States." (See AECOM Hunt, "History Timeline: 1950s," accessed 03/28/2018.)

In 2014, the giant construction/architectural/engineering firm AECOM purchased the Hunt Construction Group; the firm became known as "AECOM Hunt." In 2017, In 2017 it maintained its headquarters at 2450 South Tibbs Avenue in Indianapolis, IN, but operated satellite offices in Dallas, TX, Irvine, CA, Orlando, FL, Phoenix, AZ, and San Francisco, CA.

Prior to the 1990s, the firm concentrated on work in the industrial north, but Its growth strategy was to focus on construction projects in fast-growing Sun Belt communities. The firm built a sizeable number of major facilities on the West Coast, most located in CA.

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