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David Hiroshi Fukui, Richard Hobbs

Active 1969-1982

Firm Notes

Based in Seattle, WA, Hobbs Fukui Architects employed at its height 28 architects; it usually employed 6 architects on average. According to an in-house company manual, "HFA was founded in 1968 by Richard W. Hobbs and David H. Fukui. The firm operated for a brief period as Richard W. Hobbs Associates and then became Hobbs Fukui Associates. It operated as a partnership until 1978 at which time the firm incorporated, becoming Hobbs Fukui Architects (P.S.) William H. (bud) Davison became a principal in 1982 when the firm name was changed to Hobbs Fukui Davison (P.S.). Hobbs left in 1986 and the firm name was changed to Fukui Davison." (See "History/Bibliographies," Decker Fukui Architecture Playbook, [Seattle: Decker Fukui Architecture, 02/1987], p. A1.1.) This office manual's chronology was not quite correct. The firm began in 1968 with Hobbs and Fukui in partnership, but only the former was a Registered Architect in the State of WA in 1968. So for the first months of the partnership, it was known as "Richard W. Hobbs Associates, Architects." Fukui did not receive his professional license until 1969, at which time the firm name was modified to "Hobbs Fukui Associates, Architects."

PCAD id: 1916