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Helen Wohleb Brown, Arlan Collins, David Spiker, Mark Woerman

Active 1988-

Firm Notes

In 2000, Jeff Bates, Phil Giuntoli and Jeff Jeffers were named as principals; the Collins Woreman architectural practice was based in Seattle, WA, in 2005; tel: 206.245.2100 (2008); in 2008, the firm had 110 employees.

In 2011, Collins Woerman introduced its Sustainable Living Innovations (SLI) division. Its web site described SLI's mission: "Sustainable Living Innovations (SLI) is a consolidated project delivery company that utilizes our proprietary building system to construct multi-family residential projects across the United States. SLI's innovative component-based system is fully integrated and reduces construction timeframes by up to 60%."

In 2018, Collins Woerman had a staff of 57 employees. Partners (referred to as "Principals") included: Steven Moddemeyer, Phil Giuntoli, Arlan Collins and Mark Woerman. Lee Redd served as the Chief Financial Officer and Elizabeth Morgan the Director of Business Development. Practice Leaders included: Carole Kassir-Garcia (Design), Pat Logan (Design), and James Walker (Design).

PCAD id: 1668