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Anthony Callison, James Francis Dunn, Howard Fitzpatrick, John C. Gish, Martin L. Hill, John Jastrem, Keith M. Pegorsch, James P. Rothwell, Paula Stafford

Active 1974 - present

Firm Notes

This firm was known at the beginning as Callison Partnership, Ltd.

The Recession of 2008 had a significant impact on Callison, as it did for most firms in Seattle, WA. Between 2008 and 2010 capital dried up for building projects within Seattle and most cities in the US. An article in the Seattle, announcing the appointment of James Rothwell as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), stated: "Rothwell whose credits including [sic] leading the Seattle-based firm's work in the Middle East, takes over at a time when domestic construction has shriveled and work in the developing world has become increasingly important but highly competitive. He said the firm had net revenue of roughly $90 million in the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, a sharp drop from its peak of $120 million two years earlier. The mix has changed, too: Callison got 60 percent of its revenue from the international market and 40 percent in the U.S. this past year, while 'three years ago that would have been flipped the other way around,' Rothwell said. Overseas, demand remains strong but competing firms from the U.S. and United Kingdom have flooded into the scene, he said. Where clients 'were standing in line' waiting for a globally recognized architectural firm to take their project, 'it's the exact opposite now,' he said. The competitive climate has driven down fees in international markets, he said. He said Callison is fortunate that in China--'probably the flushest market in work right now'--the firm has been active for more than 15 years and has a well-known track record." (See Seattle, "Jim Rothwell named CEO at Callison," published 09/30/2010, accessed 09/16/2019.) In 2010, Callison had nine offices around the world, with 800 employees.

In 2011, Callison underwent several changes in leadership. Rothwell stepped down as CEO, and both the Chairman of the Board, Robert J. Tindall, AIA, and Executive Vice President Steven E. Epple, AIA, severed ties with the firm. John Jastrem, since 2006 CEO at Viad Corporation's subsidiary, Exhibitgroup/Giltspur, was named Chairman and CEO of Callison. According to a news release of 01/11/2011: "Jastrem, 55, has served on Callison’s Holdings Board (Callison Architecture Holding, LLC, and Subsidiaries) since 2006 and as its executive chairman since August 2010. Private equity firm Blue Point Capital invested in Callison in August 2006 and formed the Callison Holdings Board as an operating partner to support expansion of services and resources to clients and to facilitate international initiatives." (See Business, "Callison Appoints New Chairman and CEO," published 01/11/2011, accessed 09/16/2019.)

Tel: (206) 623-4646 (2007).

PCAD id: 1667