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David Callis, Eric Foster, Alfred Bingham Swinerton

Active 1908-

Firm Notes

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA; in 2010, Swinerton Builders, a subsidiary or Swinerton, Incorporated, had 11 offices on the Pacific Coast, CO, and HI. Its State of California Contractor License was #92.

In 2023, the leadership group included: Eric Foster was the CEO; David Callis the president; Brad Peterson, chief financial officer; Donald Adair, chief revenue officer; Scott Conrad, executive vice-president and director of self-perfomance services; Lauren Nunnally, chief administrative officer; Sheri Ann Murphy, senior vice-president and general counsel; Jon Marks, chief technology officer; Brenda Reimche, chief human resources officer; Gregory Tate, corporate safety director. (See, "Leadership," accessed 03/30/2023.)

Tel: 510.208.5800; Fax: 510.267.0848 (2005).

PCAD id: 1448