Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses

Designers: Schindler, Rudolph M., Architect (firm); Rudolph Michael Schindler (architect)

Dates: [unspecified]

2320 Monroe Drive
Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA 90029

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Schindler designed this house for three women living together, each sharing common living and kitchen spaces but having their own sleeping chambers. The square house frankly expressed how Schindler oriented one facade to a distant mountain view, the other facade to a view of Silver Lake. Each view was geared to a specific occupant's bedroom.

The Van Patten House has some of the most unusual furniture--what he called "Unit Furniture"--Schindler ever designed for one of his residences. The slope of the roof was required by neighborhood covenants. One of Schindler's drawings for the Van Patten House was dated 1934.

PCAD id: 9020