AKA: Sixth and Pike Building, Downtown, Seattle, WA; 6th and Pine Building, Downtown, Seattle, WA

Structure Type: built works - commercial buildings - office buildings

Designers: Fuller Sears, Architects (firm); Graham, John and Company, Architects and Engineers (firm); Olson Kundig Architects (firm); John Graham Jr. (architect); Thomas Walter Kundig (architect); Kirsten R. Murray (architect); James W.P. Olson (architect)

Dates: constructed 1983

29 stories, total floor area: 500,000 sq. ft.

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520 Pike Street
Downtown, Seattle, WA 98101-1385

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Built on the site of a house belonging to George Frederick Frye and Louise Catherine Frye. Years later, the M and A Building occupied the property, but this was demolished in 1c, 1981. Replacing the M and A Building, this 29-story tower was erected in 1983.

Building History

The steel-framed 520 Pike Street Office and Retail Building was completed in 1983 , and was designed by the Seattle architectural firm of John Graham and Company. Graham's office was located in this tower during the 1980s.

On 11/06/1996, Sixth and Pike Associates sold the building for $51,034,912 to Pike Street Delaware, Incorporated. The ownership firm changed from "520 Pike Street Delaware, Incorporated," on 12/05/2003, and to "520 Pike Street, Incorporated," on 02/12/2004. (See King County, Department of Assessements, iMap record for Parcel #197570-0160, accessed 09/14/2019.) 520 Pike Street, Incorporated, was a subsidiary of the New York-based Tishman Speyer Properties, headquartered in Rockefeller Center, New York, NY. Tishman Speyer obtained this tower and 11 other properties on 12/05/2004 for $1.852 billion dollars.

Building Notes

George F. Frye, (1833-1912) owner of the Seattle Pharmacy and the Frye Opera House, resided at this corner location in 1887. In 1917, the Barker Hotel stood at 520 Pike Street. (See "Corrected List of Registration Places for Tuesday Given Out," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 06/03/1917, p. 18.) The Barker Hotel operated from at least 1917 until 1923.

International Container Sales, Ltd., had its office in Suite #1610 of the 6th and Pine Building in 1985. Church's English Shoes operated a ground floor store in Suite #101 of the building in 1985.

In 2019, 520 Pike Street occupied a 13,200-square-foot (0.30-acre) site, and contained 500,000 gross square feet, 396,821 net. It was LEED Gold certified.


Owners of 520 Pike Street staged a limited competition for the renovation of the building's exterior and lobby and the remodeling of its 20,000-square-foot retail space in 04/2001. The Seattle firm of Fuller Sears Architects won the project, completed at a cost of about $1.8 million.

Alterations occurred for a first-floor retail tenant (southeast corner) at 520 Pike Street costing $1,532,563. Non-structural alterations occurred on floors 18-20 happened between 11/04/2009 and 08/11/2010. The 25th floor offices of Hacker & Willig, Incorporated, PS, a law firm, were altered between 06/2013 and 08/2013, at a cost of $125,000. The softare company, Mixpo, had alterations done to its 16th floor offices between 11/07/2013 and 08/28/2014. The price of this work was $195,000.

Between 02/13/2014 and 08/28/2014, Pacific Project Management had $39,000 worth of changes made to its 12th floor offices. The law firm of Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman, LLP, did $125,000 worth of work to its 15th floor offices between 02/19/2015 and 08/10/2015. Plaza Bank had $250,000 worth of interior changes to its 27th floor offices between 03/19/2015 and 08/10/2015. The 23rd floor offices of the Minneapolis-based investment bank, Greene, Holcomb and Fisher, LLC, were renovated between 3/24/2015 and 08/10/2015, costing $100,000.

Spaces on the 21st floor were remodeled at a cost of $200,000 between 07/06/2015 and 07/14/2016. Mixpo financed $250,000 worth of alterations to offices on the 24th floor between 8/18/2015 and 07/14/2016. Approximately $82,000 worth of alterations were made to Suite #1001 between 08/20/2015 and 07/14/2016. XO Communications had changed amounting to $125,000 performed to its 25th floor spaces between 08/26/2015 and 07/14/2016. The Hartford Financial Services Group, Incorporated's insurance branch, headquartered in Hartford, CT, paid $100,000 for the remodeling of its 9th floor offices between 10/12/2015 and 07/14/2016. The Admiral Insurance Company of Mount Laurel Township, NJ, invested $100,000 on new 29th floor office alterations between 03/15/2016 and 07/14/2016. The 29th floor headquarters of the institutional fixed-income asset management firm, Pugh Capital Management, Incorporated, underwent a $190,000 alteration between 05/31/2016 and 07/14/2016.

Suite #1360 had $75,000 worth of interior changes made between 10/12/2016 and 07/24/2017. Floor 28 had $95,486 worth of interior work done between 10/26/2016 and 07/24/2017.

Building owners performed $650,000 worth of non-structural repairs to the 26th floor between 06/26/2017 and 09/11/2018. The Clark Construction Group, LLC, of Bethesda, MD, had $650,000 worth of remodeling done to its 25th floor office, during 12/26/2017 and 09/11/2018. Spaces on the 16th and 18th floors had $180,000 worth of work done between 04/25/2018 and 09/11/2018.

During the 2018-2019, the building was painted from tan to a dark blue-gray. Exterior alterations at this time, including the painting, cost approximately $1.2 million. Olson Kundig was responsible for this renovation of the 2,000-square-foot lobby and exterior, working with Turner Construction, general contractor, MKA Engineering, structural engineers, and Niteo Lighting, lighting designers. Stone furniture in the lobby was made by Quarra Stone. Kirsten R. Murray was the Olson Kundig Design Partner in Charge, leading a team composed on Jerry Garcia (project manager), Brian Walters, Jeff Ocampo, Mikel Amias (architectural staff), and Margaret Undine (interior designer).

The North Face, an outdoor apparel company of Alameda, CA, had $412,971 worth of remodeling work done to its retail space (Suite #100) between 03/11/2019 and 08/12/2019. This new North Face store opened on 08/23/2019. Tenant improvements for offices on floors 16 and 17 costing $225,000 were undertaken between 03/13/2019 and 08/12/2019.