AKA: Century 21 Exposition, Monorail Line, Terminal #1, Westlake Plaza, Downtown, Seattle, WA

Structure Type: built works - infrastructure - transportation structures

Designers: Durham, Anderson and Freed, Architects (firm); David Riley Anderson (architect); Robert Lewis Durham (architect); Aaron David Freed (architect)

Dates: constructed 1961-1962, demolished 1986

Downtown, Seattle , WA

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Westlake Mall terminus point.

This large Monorail Terminal #1 spanned Pine Street, disgorging passengers on the south side of Pine Street. The Guide to Architecture in Washington State, by Woodbridge and Montgomery, gives the date for the station as 1964 which appears to have been inaccurate, as the main terminal space was ready for the opening of the Seattle World's Fair in 1962.

Between 01-04/1968, the original terminals east and west loading platforms were removed and a ramp on the terminal's south side was changed; a new, smaller ramp was constructed several feet north. The original entryway with arched canopies was removed at this time. This reduction of the original Westlake Monorail Station was supervised by the architecture firm of Durham, Anderson and Freed in 1968.

Demolished. Monorail Terminal #1 was demolished c. 1986. The Monorail line was truncated in that year to terminate on the north side of Pine Street next to the newly built Westlake Mall. Westlake Mall opened in 1988.

PCAD id: 6269