Structure Type: landscapes - cultural landscapes - gardens - arboretums; landscapes - parks - urban parks

Designers: Hoggson, Noble, Landscape Architect (firm); Olmsted Brothers, Landscape Architects (firm); James Frederick Dawson (landscape architect); Noble Foster Hoggson Jr. (landscape architect); Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. (landscape architect); John Charles Olmsted (landscape architect)

Dates: constructed 1934-1936

2300 Arboretum Drive East
Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle, WA 98112

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Building History

For sixty years, the land on which the arboretum now exists was logged by the Puget Mill Company. In 1920, the land was split in two. The western portion of the land was given to the city, which subsequently transformed it into an arboretum and park. Planned by James Dawson of the Olmsted Brothers landscape architecture firm of Brookline, MA; the park contains 234 acres on which a broad selection of plants have been cultivated;

Building Notes

It has been mentioned that the landscape architect, Noble Hoggson, worked as a Consultant at the University of Washington Arboretum in 1932-1933.


The park's design was altered after W.W. II by its director Brian O. Mulligan (06/10/1907-01/04/1996); according to the Washington Park Arboretum's History / Mission Statement website, 'His [Mulligan's] modifications to the original design led to many plants being culturally better sited, and gardens, such as the Winter and Woodland Gardens, with an emphasis on design focus." (see, accessed 01/05/2006);

PCAD id: 5408