Structure Type: built works - dwellings -public accommodations - hotels

Designers: Benton, Arthur B., Architect (firm); Hunt and Chambers, Architects (firm); Weaver, C.B., Company (firm); Arthur Burnett Benton (architect); Harold Coulson Chambers Sr. (architect); Myron Hubbard Hunt (architect); C. B. Weaver (building contractor)

Dates: constructed 1912-1913

2 stories

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Chandler, AZ

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California architect Arthur Burnett Benton (1858-1927) designed the San Marcos Hotel in 1912. Construction began in 05/1912 and concluded in the hotel's grand opening on 11/22/1913. Benton had gained fame throughout the West for his design of the Riverside Hotel, a grandly scaled Mission Style hotel that became a landmark in Riverside, CA. Dr. Alexander John Chandler (1859-1950) commissioned Benton to lay out an ideal, City Beautiful plan for his new desert town, which he did. Little was actually realized of the master plan other than the hotel. The original cost of the building contract with the Los Angeles-based C.B. Weaver Company, the builder, was for $61,000, as reported by the Chandler Arizonan, 06/21/1912, p.3. (See Chandlerpedia, "02.2 C. B. Weaver Construction Company Hired to Build Hotel,"Accessed 07/03/2013.)

This Mission Revival Hotel was designed on a large scale, becoming one of the primary early buildings in Chandler, AZ.

The Pasadena architectural firm of Hunt and Chambers added bungalows and made some additions to the hotel in 1924.

PCAD id: 4930