Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses - apartment houses

Designers: Hedreen, R.C., Company, Developers (firm); Terry, Roland and Associates, Architects (firm); Richard Castle Hedreen (developer); Roland Clyde Terry (architect)

Dates: constructed 1966-1969

23 stories

1620 43rd Avenue East
Madison Park, Seattle, WA 98112-3203

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Building History

The Washington Park Tower was a 223-foot high-rise set amidst the small-scale residences of Madison Park, an affluent Seattle neighborhood lining the west rim of Lake Washington. Its construction took a long time, over three years, due to a one-year hiatus forced by a lawsuit from neiighboring landowners. Foundation work on the tower caused damage to other nearby apartment buildings triggering the litigation.

Building Notes

In 2022, the tower contained 57 units and occupied a 47,353-square-foot lot. Each unit had an average size of 2,136 square feet.


Units 10B and 10C were combined into one in 02/2011 at a cost of $60,000. (See King County, "Parcel Data for Parcel #918670-0000," accessed 03/22/2022.)

$325,000 worth of alterations were done to Unit #20B in 04/2013.

The tower's ground-floor common areas were renovated at a cost of $100,000 in 05/2014. In 08/2014, Unit #17A had $175,000 worth of remodeling work done.

In 02/2015, Unit #3A had $100,000 and Unit #8B $150,000 worth of alterations. Unit #19B had $300,000 of changes in 10/2015.

Unit #11A and the unit below had its floor filled in during 11/2018. Unit #10A also underwent $150,000 worth of alteration in 11/2018.

A Sprint telecommunications tower had $20,000 worth of work done in 07/2019.

Unit 5B had $80,000 worth of interior alterations done in 08/2021.