Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses

Designers: Eichler, Joseph L., Homes, Incorporated (firm); Jones and Emmons, Architects (firm); Joseph Leopold Eichler (developer); Frederick Earl Emmons (architect); Archibald Quincy Jones (architect)

Dates: [unspecified]

602 East Briardale Avenue
Fairmeadows, Orange, CA 92865-4419

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Building Notes

Designed in the Fairmeadows Tract, a rare development in Southern California by the noted Bay Area builder Joseph L. Eichler (1900-1974). Set on a 9000 square-foot lot, the house contained 1635 square feet; built on an atrium plan, a later plan type favored by Eichler and his designers, Jones and Emmons and Claude Oakland.

The house was selling for $459,000 c. 2003.

PCAD id: 3931