AKA: P, G & E Co., Main Offices, San Francisco, CA; P, G and E Office Building, San Francisco, CA

Structure Type: built works - commercial buildings - corporate headquarters; built works - commercial buildings - office buildings

Designers: Bakewell and Brown, Architects (firm); Dames & Moore, Engineers (firm); Forell | Elsesser Structural Engineers, Incorporated (firm); Kendall/Heaton Associates, Incorporated, Architects (firm); Page and Turnbull, Incorporated (firm); Weihe, Frick and Kruse, Architects (firm); John Bakewell Jr. (architect); Arthur Brown Jr. (architect); Dames (engineer); Eric Elsesser (structural engineer); Peter Flack (mechanical engineer); Nicholas Frank Forell (structural engineer); Edward Louis Frick (architect); Lawrence Anthony Kruse Sr. (architect); Norman David Kurtz (mechanical engineer); Phyllis Martin-Vegue (interior designer); Moore (engineer); Lamberto Moris (architect); George W. Page (architect); Catherine J. Simon (architect); John Gordon Turnbull (architect); Ernest Edward Weihe (architect); Jon Peter Winkelstein (architect)

Dates: constructed 1924-1926

San Francisco, CA

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The utility purchased the adjoining Matson Lines Office Building by Bliss and Faville (1921) in 1972 to enlarge its headquarters;

Weihe, Frick and Kruse, Architects, made additions to the P,G, and E Main Offices in 1948; John Bakewell, Jr., and Arthur Brown, acted as Associate Architects on this 1948 addition. Page and Turnbull, Architects, supervised the historic renovation, c. 2000; Simon Martin-Vegue Winkelstein Moris, Architects, were the design architects on this refurnbishment; Kendall/Heaton were the architects of record; Forell/Elsesser Engineering acted as Structural Engineers; Dames & Moore were the Geotechnical Engineers; Flack + Kurtz were the Mechanical Engineers;

PCAD id: 3631