AKA: Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, Headquarters Building, San Francisco, CA; A, T & T, Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company, Coast Division Building, San Francisco, CA

Structure Type: built works - commercial buildings - office buildings

Designers: Cantin, Alexander A., Architect (firm); Miller and Pflueger, Architects (firm); Alexander Aimwell Cantin (architect); James Rupert Miller (architect); Timothy Ludwig Pflueger (architect)

Dates: constructed 1923-1925

26 stories

134-40 New Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94105-3713

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This 26-story high-rise replaced a concrete and brick, four-story office building at 140 Montgomery Street. Begun in 01/1924, the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company Building, San Francisco, CA, was completed on 05/30/1925; the San Francisco architectural firm, Miller and Pflueger, worked with the architect of record, Alexander A. Cantin (1874-1964), as Associated Architects on the building. This new skyscraper accommodated 2,000 employees, who formerly had been located in eight separate locations. Many of the employees were women, who had their own eating facility in the building.

According to the San Francisco News Letter, a contemporary regional magazine, the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph's new Coast Division Headquarters, "...graphically indicates the trend of business architecture from the ornate and rococo styles of former years to designs in which simplicity is tempered with a rugged beauty essentially western in character." The skyscraper's "rugged beauty essentially western in character" was a soaring symbol of San Francisco's cultural maturity and financial progress for this writer, who viewed it as a "...monument to western progress and foresight." (See Richard C. Smith, "The News Letter and the Telephone,"Accessed 04/09/2012.)

The building underwent a renovation in 1990.

PCAD id: 3591