AKA: Glenwood Hotel, Riverside, CA; Glenwood Mission Inn, Riverside, CA

Structure Type: built works - dwellings -public accommodations - hotels

Designers: Benton, Arthur B., Architect (firm); Arthur Burnett Benton (architect)

Dates: constructed 1903

3649 Seventh Street
Riverside, CA

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Building History

One of the most celebrated of all Mission Revival buildings in Southern California, designed for owner Frank Miller; listed on the National Register of Historic Places; a multi-story building (rising to six floors in some sections) erected in a number of phases; prior to owning the Mission Inn, Miller operated the Glenwood Resort in Riverside, CA, c. 1883. Part of this earlier hotel was incorporated into Arthur Benton's later design. Railroad tycoon, Henry Huntington, provided the initial capital for Miller to build what became this Mission Revival landmark. Duane Roberts, bought the Mission Inn 12/1992.

Building Notes

Miller tinkered with his Glenwood Resort, adding to it over time. In the 1890s, he decided to build another hotel on the property, and created several proposed designs. For one design he was influenced by, according to the Mission Inn's web site, the Colorado Hotel of Glenwood Springs, CO (1893), which patterned itself after European spas of the day. The Mission Inn was still known as the Glenwood Hotel in 1903.


Many additions were made to the inn over the years; the Mission Inn closed between 1986-05/1993, when it reopened under the ownership of Riverside native, Duane Roberts.

Riverside Cultural Heritage Landmark: 1

National Historic Landmark: ID n/a

PCAD id: 3582