AKA: Red Lion Apartments, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses - apartment houses

Designers: Boyd, Lars F., Building Contractor (firm); Stuart and Durham, Architects (firm); Lars F. Boyd ; Robert Lewis Durham (architect); Bertram Dudley Stuart Jr.. (architect)

Dates: constructed 1948

4 stories

328 Bellevue Avenue East
Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA 98102


The noted Seattle architect Robert L. Durham designed the Linnea Court Apartments. Durham became the first President of the American Institute of Architects from Seattle in 1967-1968.

Building Notes

The architects and builders of this apartment building were first noted on the Capitol Hill Historic Resource Inventory led by Tom Heuser and Lana Blinderman in c. 2022. Thank you to them for the use of their research. They indicated that Robert L. Durham (1912-1998) was the designer of this apartment building

PCAD id: 24647