Structure Type: built works - commercial buildings - office buildings

Designers: D’Amato Conversano, Incorporated, (DCI) Engineers (firm); Turner Construction Company (firm); Weber + Thompson, PLLC (firm); Kristen Elaine Scott (architect); Scott E. Thompson (architect); Blaine Jeffrey Weber (architect)

Dates: constructed 2020

3 stories, total floor area: 11,065 sq. ft.

401 North 36th Street
Fremont, Seattle, WA 98103

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Building History

Seattle architects Weber Thompson designed this 3-floor, 40,000-square foot office building for Revelution, LLC / Hess Callahan Grey Group. Kristen M. Scott was Weber Thompson's partner in charge for the building, completed in the first quarter of 2020.

Located in an industrial section of the city's Fremont neighborhood, the building consciously emulated the timber-framed warehouses and workshops surrounding it. The firm's website said of the building in 2023: "Cedar Speedster pays homage to the neighborhood’s industrial, lumber and saw mill history with heavy timber construction, exposed wood car decking ceilings and exterior cedar cladding." (See Weber, "Cedar Speedster," acccessed 04/08/2023.)

Building Notes

The building occupied an 11,065-square-foot site, and had 40,000 gross square feet, of which 22,500 was allocated to office use, 5,000 for retail and 10,000 for parking. (See Weber, "Cedar Speedster," acccessed 04/08/2023.)

The building was a "Type VB Mass Timber" building. The State of WA had specific codes pertaining to the fire-resistance of all wood members composing a building. (WAC 51-50-0601 and WAC 51-50-0602). WAC Table 601 has fire-resistance rating requirements for primary structural frame members, bearing walls, exterior components, interior components, nonbearing walls and partitions of the exterior, nonbearing walls and partitions of the interior, floor construction and associated secondary members, and roof construction and associated secondary members.

It won a 2021 US Wood Design Award of Regional Excellence, from WoodWorks, a prgroam of the Wood Products Council.

PCAD id: 24640