Structure Type: built works - industrial buildings - power plants

Designers: Stone and Webster, Incorporated (firm); Charles Augustus Stone Sr. (electrical engineer); Edwin Sibley Webster (electrical engineer)

Dates: constructed 1900-1902

5 stories

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633 Post Avenue
Downtown, Seattle, WA 98104

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This Downtown Seattle Electric Company's Downtown Steam Generation Plant was erected between 1900 and 1902. It was situated on a site bounded by Columbia Street (north), Yesler Way (south), Post Avenue (east) and Western Avenue (west). The New Post Station was attached to the Old Post Station portion of the steam plant at 619 Post Avenue.


According to the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhood's Seattle Historical Sites survey, the building has had few alterations since its 1902 construction: "The top floor is not shown in the original drawings, but appears to have been added at the end of construction in 1902. The northern bay, corresponding to the hoistway and one of the battery rooms, was apparently added in 1935. Both the later date of design and construction and the functional aspects of the interior account for differences between it and the symmetrically composed Neo-Renaissance elements of the earlier part of the façade; but stylistically, the difference between the two parts of the façade is not jarring. Aside from the 1935 addition and an enlargement of a door to accommodate the installation of a new generator, later filled back in, the building’s exterior appearance has been not been altered since 1902." (SeeCity of Seattle, Department of, "Seattle Historical Sites Summary for 633 Post Avenue," accessed 01/20/2023.)