Structure Type: built works - religious structures - churches

Designers: [unspecified]

Dates: constructed 1892-1902

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8th Street
Downtown, Anacortes, WA 98221

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The 1st Methodist Episcopal Church stood on 8th Street between Q and R Avenues. The location listed on the map is approximate.


The 1st Methodist Episcopal Church in Anacortes utilized this first church building from the 1890s until it was superceded by a new building in 1965.

Building History

The first meetings of Methodists in Anacortes, WA, occurred in 1889, but the formal organization of the congregation did not happen until 06/28/1890. The congregation first met in a makeshift canvas structure. Between 1890 and 1892 it received donated land from Anacortes resident Amos Bowman (born 09/15/1839 in Canada-d. 06/18/1894 in Anacortes, WA), where they held services until they begin the process of building a permanent facility. (See Anacortes, "Methodist Episcopal Church," accessed 04/23/2022.)

This first church of the 1st Methodist Episcopal Church of Anacortes, WA, took many years to complete, due to lack of funds. Its construction began in 1892, a year before a significant economic depression descended over the US. Construction finished a decade later. Information on the church published by the Anacortes stated: "Construction began in 1892 at a site on 8th Street between R and Q Avenue. Money was difficult to get because of the economy and because members left town so work was stopped. A basement was finished and apparently a roofed framework that was so ugly, the community complained. Finally in 1902 the church was completed with community support. The completed structure was 80 by 50 feet and 60 feet high with a 110-foot bell tower. Many of the city's cultural and educational meetings were then held in the church in those early years." (See Anacortes, "Methodist Episcopal Church," accessed 04/23/2022.)


A wind storm in 10/1934 blew down the 110-foot-tall belltower. A lower tower, equal in height to the sanctuary's roof, was rebuilt after this incident. (See Anacortes, "Methodist Episcopal Church," accessed 04/23/2022.)

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