Structure Type: built works - public buildings - courthouses

Designers: Harmon, Pray and Detrich, Architects and Engineers (firm); Robert Carl Detrich (architect); Craig A. Harmon (architect); Roland Gilbert Pray Sr. (architect)

Dates: constructed 1973-1974


The Harmon, Pray and Detrick design for a new Clallam County Courthouse in Port Angeles, WA, never progressed beyond the basic drawing stage. The firm's involvement with the project became the subject of a court case over its failure to receive payment for services rendered.

Building History

On 12/20/1973, D.J. Caulkins, Clallam County Commissioner, made a contractual agreement with architect Craig Harmon to design a courthouse at the former site of the Roosevelt School in Port Angeles. By 01/31/1974, Harmon showed three Clallam County Commissioners--Caulkins, Frank Feeley and William Knapman--schematic drawings for a high-rise courthouse. The commissioners apparently did not like the design concept and began stalling payment by 02/1974. According to the Port Angeles Daily News: “July 26, 1974, the architectural firm demanded the county pay the initial contract payment of $40,000 plus about $80,000 damages because of breach of contract. The architects threatened to sue unless payment was made. The county agreed in August to submit the $120,000 demand to binding arbitration. In December, 1974, an arbitration board heard both sides and on Jan. 31, 1975, the commissioners announced their contract with the architects had been severed.The arbitrators had decided on a $60,000 payment to the architects by the county. The county commissioners appealed the arbitration award in Superior Court on March 7, but Judge Olaf Johnson of Kitsap County confirmed the $60,000 award to the architects.”(See "A Look at Recall, Charge by Charge," Port Angeles Daily News, 02/20/1976, p. 8.)

Building Notes

Unbuilt; it appears that Harmon, Pray and Detrich's design process advanced no further than early schematic drawings for the courthouse. (See "A Look at Recall, Charge by Charge," Port Angeles Daily News, 02/20/1976, p. 8.)

PCAD id: 24351