AKA: Moncharsh, George J. and Helen Duckett, House, Claremont, Berkeley, CA

Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses

Designers: Polk, Willis, and Company (firm); Willis Jefferson Polk (architect)

Dates: constructed 1925

2 stories

22 Roble Road
Claremont, Berkeley, CA 94705


The real estate dealer and developer Duncan McDuffie, partner in the Berkeley firm of Mason-McDuffie Company, erected this Spanish Colonial Revival style house at 22 Roble Road in about 1925, replacing an earlier residence on the same property built in 1911.

Building History

After McDuffie's death, attorney George J. Moncharsh (born 03/19/1907-d. 07/25/1975 in Berkeley, CA) and his wife Helen Wilhelmina Duckett Moncharsh (born 01/09/1917 in Lyford, TX- d. 06/22/2006 in CA) moved in and lived here until her death.

Building Notes

According to the US Census of 1930, the McDuffie House had a value of $50,000 in 1930, about ten times the average cost of Bay Area home at the time.

In 02/2010, the residence was offered at $2,850,000; before the collapse of the real estate bubble in 2008. The residence sold for $3,160,000. In 2010, the house still occupied an acre of land.

PCAD id: 24239