Structure Type: built works - commercial buildings - stores

Designers: [unspecified]

Dates: constructed 1880

1 story

510 West Main Street
Downtown, Spokane, WA 99201

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The approximate modern location of the Ziegler Hardware Store #1 was 510 West Main Street. It was later moved to a new site, next door to the northeast corner of West Riverside Avenue and Howard Streets.

Building History

In 1900, Reverend Jonathan Edwards published a small biography of William ZIegler, son of Louis Ziegler, founder of the family's hardware business. He wrote: “In October 1879, the family came to Spokane and Mr. [William] Ziegler and his father, Louis, opened the first hardware store in the city under the firm name of Louis Ziegler & Son. They leased from Alexander Warner a lot on the north side of Main Street, between Howard and Stevens, and put up a small frame building, about 20x60 feet, which they used for a place of business. They did but little the first winter, but afterward succeeded in building up a fine trade in that locality. In the summer of 1882, the father bought a lot on the northeast corner of Riverside and Howard streets, while the son, William H., was absent conducting a branch store in Medical Lake. The young Mr. Ziegler thought this a poor investment and did not want any part in it, by the father erected a two-story frame building, then one of the finest in the city, and moved the stock into it, also bringing the old building over and placing it beside the new.” (See Jonathan Edwards, An Illustrated History of Spokane County State of Washington, [San Francisco: W.H. Lever, 1900], p. 443.)

PCAD id: 23663