Structure Type: landscapes - parks - urban parks

Designers: Kelbaugh Calhorpe Associates, Architecture and Planning (firm); Rik Adams (architect); Peter Calthorpe (architect); Douglas Stewart Kelbaugh (architect); Richard E. Mohler (architect)

Dates: constructed 1990


The firm of Kelbaugh Calthorpe and Associates won a First Award for their design in an international competition for the Market Square and public space opposite Montreal's City Hall, in Old Montreal. Teams from Montréal, QC, Tokyo, Japan, and Los Angeles, CA, won top design awards. The Kelbaugh-Calthorpe design, however, was not built.

Building History

Richard E. Mohler and Rik Adams were co-designers of this competition entry within the firm of Kelbaugh Calthorpe and Associates.

Building Notes

Unbuilt. The urban square existed nearby to 245 Notre-Dame Street East, Montreal, QC, Canada, H2Y 1B6.

PCAD id: 23290