AKA: City of Long Beach, Chace, Burton W., Civic Center, Downtown, Long Beach, CA

Structure Type: built works - social and civic buildings - civic centers

Designers: Gibbs, C. Hugh, and Donald H. Gibbs, Architects (firm); Heusel, Francis J., Architect (firm); Homolka, Frank, and Associates, Architects (firm); Wing Kenneth S., Sr., and Wing, Kenneth S., Jr., Architects (firm); Wing, Kenneth S., and Associates (firm); Charles Hugh Gibbs (architect); Donald Hugh Gibbs (architect); Francis Joseph Heusel (architect); Frank Homolka (architect); Kenneth Smith Wing Sr. (architect); Kenneth Smith Wing Jr. (architect)

Dates: constructed 1958-1977, demolished 2016

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332 West Broadway
Downtown, Long Beach, CA 90802

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A team of Long Beach architects collaborated on the planning of the Long Beach Civic Center over about twenty years, between the late 1950s until 1977. This group, known as the Allied Architects of Long Beach consisted of various firms including Gibbs and Gibbs, Francis J. Heusel, Killingsworth, Brady, Smith and Associates, and its successor, Killingsworth, Brady and Associates, Kenneth S. Wing and Associates and its successor, Kenneth S. Wing, Sr., and Kenneth S. Wing. Jr., and Frank Homolka and Associates. By the mid-2010s, the City of Long Beach had resolved to redesign a new civic center, funded by what was billed as an innovative public-private partnership. Components of the civic center were demolished in 2016 including the County Courts Building, Yokkaichi Garden and Long Beach Main Public Library #2. The 14-story Long Beach City Hall #3 was to be removed in 2020.

PCAD id: 23268