AKA: Los Angeles County Museum of Art #2, Koolhaas Competition Project, Los Angeles, CA; LACMA Extension Project, Los Angeles, CA

Structure Type: built works - exhibition buildings - museums

Designers: Arup, Ove, and Partners (firm); Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) (firm); Ove Arup (structural engineer); Rem Koolhaas (architect); Ole Scheeren (architect)

Dates: constructed 2001-2002

5905 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036-4504

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After an extensive competition in 2001, Koolhaas's proposal was accepted over those of several other internationally-known designers, including New York, architect, Steven Holl; the massive rebuilding of the existing museum would have cost more than $200 million and created serious disruptions of the museum's operations; due to an economic downturn in California at the time, budgetary problems in 2001-2002 stopped the development of the project; OMA's solution to the program called for a 175,410 square foot "Plinth" (for maintenance and support services), a 199,973 square foot "Plaza" with public facilities and galleries for temporary exhibitions, an 18,000 square foot study center, and 228,399 square foot "Plateau" housing the permanent collections; Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren were the OMA Partners-in-Charge; Carol Patterson acted as Project Manager with Christian Bandi and Saskia Simon working as Project Architects; the rest of the design team included: Olga Aleksakova, Meghan Corwin, Markus Dettling, Fernando Donis, Erex Ella, Alain Fouraux, Sharon Goren, Jens Holm, Heffrey Johnson, Matthew Murphy, Shiro Ogata, Roberto Otero, Will Prince, Joshua Ramus, Deborah Richmond, Jonas Sandberg, Shohei Shigatsu, Joris Voorn, Fenna Haakma Wagenaar, Dan Wood, and Yumiko Yamada; Ove Arup worked as the structural and services consultant;

Koolhaas's project won the competition but was unbuilt due to its overly-ambitious size and cost.

PCAD id: 2242