Structure Type: built works - industrial buildings - factories

Designers: [unspecified]

Dates: [unspecified]

Portland, OR

The Willamette Tent and Awning Company's factory stood at 25 North Front Street.


The Willamette Tent and Awning Company produced tents, sails, horse, wagon and waterproof covers, and flags. They were dealers in oiled-cloth clothing, serving as agents for Hubbard's Special Manufacturing Company. E. Henry and A. Herman Wemme owned the company in 1890. (See R.L. Polk and Company's Portland, Oregon, City Directory, 1890, p. 526.) In the 1890 city directory, there were businesses listed with three spellings of the word, "Willamette." They included the "Willamet Iron Works," the "Willamette Falls Electric Company," and the "Willamett Falls Real Estate Company."

PCAD id: 22339