AKA: Milford, Ty and Kelly, House, Portland, OR

Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses

Designers: Zaik, Saul, Architect (firm); Saul Zaik (architect)

Dates: constructed 1956

Portland, OR

Building History

Zaik finished the Feldman House for two young people whom he knew personally. It was one of his first residences that he completed while working on his own. Author Brian Libby inteviewed Zaik about the Feldman Residence: "'Phil [Feldman] was a friend of mine going back,' he recalled. 'He had this property, and a budget of around $35,000 to do a house. I think they were just married. Mary Ann and Phil were German Jews who somehow escaped in the 30s. They were very bright and successful and moved ahead.' The house was a chance for the Feldmans to enjoy a real new beginning, in a landscape that was not unlike Germany but a west-coast American culture that offered opportunity and safety, as well as new ideas about light-filled architecture." (See Brian Libby, Portland Architecture.com, "Wood and glass gem: discussing Saul Zaik's renovated Feldman House," accessed 04/12/2018.)

PCAD id: 21923