Structure Type: built works - public buildings - city halls

Designers: Moore, Charles Willard, Architect (firm); Charles Willard Moore (architect)

Dates: constructed 1965


In the early 1960s, Charles W. Moore led two teams of students at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) Department of Architecture through a design project for a city hall and emergency operations center that was part of a large US Government Office of Civil Defense effort to make city government facilities more resilient during the Cold War. Moore's plan was never built, and was one of several included in a book put out by the Office of Civil Defense entitled, City Halls and Emergency Operating Centers, (1965), featuring plans suitable for various regions of the country. On the West Coast, Tacoma, WA, architect Robert Billsbrough Price designed a city hall/emergency center for a hypothetical town of 25,000 people in Western Oregon.

PCAD id: 21856