AKA: Coyne, Rebecca G., House, Montlake, Seattle, WA; Davis, John M. and Patricia, House, Montlake, Seattle, WA

Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses

Designers: PTF Architects (firm); Stoner, Peter, Architects (firm); Peter Stoner (architect)

Dates: constructed 1922

2 stories, total floor area: 2,000 sq. ft.

1816 East Hamlin Street
Montlake, Seattle, WA 98112


This four-bedroom, two-bath residence was erected in the Montlake Addition neighborhood of Seattle in 1922. The residence was originally relatively nondescript stylistically. It had a stucco exterior, battered chimney, and protruding rafters common to various small house types influenced by bungalow designs of the 1910s. A red tile roof was added in 2003 to give the house a Mediterranean Revival flavor.

Building History

An early inhabitant of the house at 1816 East Hamlin Street, Rebecca G. Coyne, also owned a negihboring property and a garden located at 1804 East Hamlin in the 1930s. John O. Rudd purchased 1816 East Hamlin in 1961, who, in turn, sold it to Patricia and John M. Davis during the 1970s. (See Dinah Gewalt, Historic Resource Survey Montlake Park Addition, produced for UW Urban Design and Planning Course 586, 05/22/2010.)

Building Notes

The residence at 1816 East Hamlin Street contained 1,460 square feet on the first floor, 540 on the second, and had a basment containing 1,260 square feet. It occupied a lot with 5,450 square feet (.13 acres) in 2018.


This house underwent remodeling in 1973, 1979, 1995 and 2003. Alterations in the 1970s occurred to the kitchen and bathroom. According to architectural historian Dinah Gewald, "In 1995, PTF Architects was hired to have the house remodeled. The second story was modified with the addtion of a bedroom, dormer and a covered porch on the ground level. On both projects, the contractor was Jack R. Newman." She continued: "In 2003, the architect Peter Stoner (who also had worked on the addition to the Hayden Residence) was hired for a remodel. The roof was completely reframed....The shingles were replaced with clay tiles, highlighting the Mediterranean style, and an additional deck was added on the second story. The chimney was also extended, skylights were added, and stucco applied to match the existing color. Also, decorative metal vents, entry stairs, a parapet and aluminum cladding to the existing wood frame windows modified the building. The arched window left of the main entry was repaired. The west area of the property experienced excavation and grading to accompany erosion threats to the property and garage." (See Dinah Gewalt, Historic Resource Survey Montlake Park Addition, produced for UW Urban Design and Planning Course 586, 05/22/2010.)

PCAD id: 21838