AKA: San Francisco Public Schools, Lobos Primary School #2, Richmond District, San Francisco, CA; San Francisco Public Schools, Lobos Elementary School, San Francisco, CA

Structure Type: built works - public buildings - schools - elementary schools

Designers: Hansbrough, G.W., Building Contractor (firm); Welsh, Thomas J., Architect (firm); G. W. Hansbrough (building contractor); Thomas John Welsh Sr. (architect)

Dates: constructed 1888

2 stories

Geary Boulevard and Arguello Boulevard
Richmond District, San Francisco, CA 94118

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In 1889, the Lobos Avenue Primary School was on 1st Avenue near Point Lobos Avenue.


This was the second location of the Lobos Primary School, the first being a rented facility on Point Lobos Avenue that existed between 1877 and 1888. Point Lobos Avenue became known later as Geary Boulevard, and 1st Avenue was renamed Arguello Boulevard.

Building History

The 36th Report of San Francisco Public Schools, of 1889, indicated that the Lobos Avenue Primary School was "Situated on First avenue, near Point Lobos avenue, on the lot belonging to the City known as the 'Academy of Science's Lot.' This is a two-story frame building, and contains six class-rooms. It was erected by G.W. Hansbrough, contractor, under the supervision of Thos. J. Welsh, architect. The contract price was $14,400; extra work on yards, $485; architect's fees, $742.25; total cost, $15,627.25. The Lobos Avenue School, which formerly occupied rented rooms on Point Lobos avenue, was transferred into the new building on August 13, 1888, and the building was dedicated by appropriate exercises on September 19, 1888. The school now contains six classes, and is under the direction of Miss E. Goldsmith as Principal, who has had charge of the school since its organization in September, 1877." (See 36th Report of the Superintendent of Common Schools of San Francisco for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1889, [San Francisco: W.M. Hinton and Company, Printers, 1889], p. 30.)

An article for contractor bids on the school to be built on 1st Avenue near Point Lobos Avenue appeared in the Daily Alta California newspaper on 11/03/1887: “Bid for the erection of a new six-class building on First avenue, near Point Lobos road, were received as follows: Bateman Bros., $15,970; J.W. Smith, $13,985; P. Lynch, $17,000; James McEnomy, $21,721; and Brennan Bros. for $14,800. All bids were referred to the Committee on Schoolhouse and Sites.” (See “Board of Education,” Daily Alta California, vol, 42, no. 13943, 11/03/1887, p. 8.)

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