AKA: Vista '63 House, Rainier Valley, Seattle, WA

Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses

Designers: Howard-Williams, Incorporated, Interior Design (firm); Koehler, Kenneth E., Architect (firm); Malmo and Company Nurseries, Landscape Design (firm); Wood, W.R., Construction Company (firm); Kenneth Eugene Koehler (architect); W. R. Wood (building contractor)

Dates: constructed 1963

2 stories, total floor area: 3,942 sq. ft.

7001 Brighton Lane South
Rainier Valley, Seattle, WA 98118


This unusual residence had a flamboyant form generated from its A-frame structural system. A-frame construction became popular after World War II for ski chalets and other weekend house types, for its simplicity of construction and low cost. Architect Ken Koehler (1920-1981) combined two A-frames, a smaller one housing the front entry, and the larger sheltering much of the rest of the house. Triangular forms were repeated throughout the design, seen especially well in the shape of the rear balconies. Because of its sculptural rooflines and exaggerated sturctural exposition, the house had an adventurous, Google flavor to it, popular during the period around Seattle World's Fair in 1962. It also reflected Swiss Chalet precedents, seen particularly in the rear facade with its dominant balconies. The residence reflected the era's enthusiasm for new structural systems and technologies that could make housing stylistically fresh, cheaper, and in keeping with contemporary expectations for comfort.

Building History

Architect Koehler collaborated with the building contractor, W. R. Wood Construction Company, interior design firm Howard-Williams, and the landscape design firm, Malmo Nurseries.

Building Notes

The four-bedroom, two-and-three-quarter-bath residence was up for sale in 11/2014, with an asking price of $948,000. At this time, the Vista '63 House occupied a 10,296-square-foot lot.

PCAD id: 19600