Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses

Designers: Fisher, Frederick, Architect (firm); Frederick Fisher (architect)

Dates: constructed 1990

Architect Frederick Fisher said of the Jorgenson House: "I designed the Jorgenson House as a building on a ruin, but there were no ruins on the site, so I had to build my own. So that's what that drawing is--imagining a fire, which has burned down something and left this irregular set of ruins, and then I built a house on it. The house is very simple, Japanese-inspired, ridge-beam construction. I was trying to create that tension between simplicity and regularity, finiteness and ruin, asymmetry and accident of the fire. So, I'd say my work at that time had a much stronger metaphorical content to it than it does now. I think that it really came out of my liberal arts background--that I thought an important part of architecture was storytelling." (See Frederick Fisher, L.A. [Ten]: Interviews on Los Angeles Architecture, 1970s-1990s, [Zurich: Lars Muller Publishers, 2014], p. 225.)

PCAD id: 19240