AKA: Western Washington College of Education, Old Main Building, Bellingham, WA; Western Washington University (WWU), Old Main, Bellingham, WA

Structure Type: built works - public buildings - schools - university buildings

Designers: Lee, Alfred, Architect (firm); Skillings and Corner, Architects (firm); James Milbourne Corner (architect); Alfred Lee (architect); Warren Porter Skillings (architect)

Dates: constructed 1895

3 stories

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The Seattle architectural firm of Skillings and Corner, a partnership that lasted only 6 years, was commissioned to design the first building on the Washington Normal School Campus in Bellingham, WA.


Additions were planned to the Normal School Campus in 1901, the work supervised by architect Alfred Lee. The Seattle Daily Times wrote in its edition of 04/15/1901: "The normal school trustees adopted the plans and specification of the new annexes to be added to the present building this year and ordered the clerk to publish a call for bids which appears in tonight's Times. Instead of one there will be two annexes, at the last minute it having been determined to have the gymnasium a separate building extended back from the center of the present building on the south side. It takes the letting of some contract like this to draw attention to the present great amount of building going on in the bay cities. It is the opinion of Architect Lee that the brick with which to build these annexes must be shipped in here as the entire output of the year of the local yards are said to be contracted for. The contractors will be required to have the new annexes completed and ready for occupancy by November 1 next." (See "Bids Called For," Seattle Daily Times, 04/15/1901, p. 4.)

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