Structure Type: built works - infrastructure - roads - freeways

Designers: [unspecified]

Dates: [unspecified]

San Francisco, CA

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The Lincoln Highway project linked New York, NY, to San Francisco, CA; it began in 1913, and by 1923, $50 million had been expended on siting and paving the roadway. An article in the American Architect in 1923 stated: "This season, traffic on the Lincoln Highway broke all records--exceeded all expectations--made all forecasts look ridiculous, awakened state and county authorities and the communities along the route to a new appreciation of the vital importance of that great artery, to a new understanding of the value of the road and the crying need for increased betterment. The Lincoln Highway is proving itself not only the most important artery of through traffic in the Nation, but an asset of incalculable value to the states and counties and communities through which it passes." (See "The Lincoln Highway," American Architect--The Architectural Review, vol CXXIV no. 2423, 11/07/1923, p. 455.)

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