AKA: Aldersly Garden Retirement Community, San Rafael, CA

Structure Type: built works - public buildings - health and welfare buildings

Designers: Allen, Rex Whitaker, Architect (firm); Rex Whitaker Allen (architect)

Dates: [unspecified]

Architect Rex Whitaker Allen (1914-2008) designed a mid-1960s building for this retirement community.

A Danish benevolent group started Aldersly in 1921; according to its web site, the group was "...guided by a centuries-old heritage, one firmly focused around the health and well-being of the entire, extended family. A fundamental tenet of this European tradition is its deep, abiding respect and compassion for the elderly. And while the Aldersly of today encompasses a far more culturally diverse population, the straightforward wisdom of our original charter is constantly reaffirmed." (See "Our History,"Accessed 11/26/2012.) In 2012, the Aldersly Garden Retirement Community provided independent living, assisted living and 24-hour nursing care.

PCAD id: 18177