Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses

Designers: [unspecified]

Dates: [unspecified]

723 North I Street
Tacoma, WA 98403

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Building History

William Ross and Helen M. Rust lived in this house in 1900. He was the owner of the Tacoma Smelter and Refining Company, and later (1904-1905) built a grand Colonial Revival Style residence nearby at 1001 North I Street in the North Slope Neighborhood of Tacoma, WA.

Rust sold his Tacoma Smelter and Refining Company plant in 1905 to the American Smelting and Refining Company (ASARCO) for $5.5 million. This plant operated until 1985, leaking toxic chemicals and metals into the groundwater and air. It became "one of the largest Superfund sites in America." (See Online Archive of, "American Smelting & Refining Company. Tacoma Smelter Records," accessed 02/28/2020.)

PCAD id: 17507