Structure Type: built works - commercial buildings - office buildings; built works - commercial buildings - stores

Designers: Mandeville and Berge, Architects and Engineers (firm); Roth, Emery, and Sons, Architects (firm); Wright, Howard S., (HSW) Construction Company (firm); Gudmund Brynjulv Berge (architect); Gilbert Harrison Mandeville (architect); Howard Sprague Wright (building contractor)

Dates: constructed 1958-1959

10 stories, total floor area: 123,270 sq. ft.

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1400 5th Avenue
Downtown, Seattle, WA 98101

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Building History

In the mid-1950s, the Antero Company, a partnership between the Bullitt Family and C. Bagley Wright, sought a location to build an "ultramodern," high-rise office property in Downtown Seattle. It retained a new architecture firm, Mandeville and Berge, to assist in the tower's siting. By late 09/1957, Antero had purchased a 50-year lease on the ground rights for two properties--the Sheldon Hotel and the Russell Building--on the northeast corner of Union Street and 5th Avenue. The development company subsequently directed the demolition of the two existing buildings in 04/1958. Mandeville and Berge, involved from an early point in siting, was offered the commission for what was initially to have been a 12-story skyscraper at 1400 5th Avenue, later reduced in size to 10. Perhaps due to its youthfulness, Mandeville and Berge received assistance in detailing the Logan Building's new curtain wall; the experienced New York architectural partnership, Emery Roth and Sons, was hired as Consulting Architect for the project to provide technical assistance. Roth was the largest designer of modern office buildings in New York City after World War II. The dependable Howard S. Wright Construction Company erected the Logan Building. Construction began in late 07/1958 and was completed by 08/1959. The City of Seattle granted a Certificate of Occupancy to the Antero Company on 08/17/1959.

Building Notes

On 03/05/1959, the Seattle Daily Times reported: "Mandeville & Berge, architectural firm, was granted permission to construct an overhead pedestrian walkway in the alley between Fifth and Sixth Avenues north of Union Street. The walkway will link the Logan building, under construction at the northwest corner of Fifth Avenue and Union Street, with a parking garage to be built on the west side of Sixth Avenue." (See "Pedestrian Bridge," Seattle Daily Times, 03/05/1959, p. 39.)

The Logan Building was the first "International Style" office building completed in Downtown Seattle, a few months earlier than the celebrated Norton Building (dedicated in 11/1959). It was also the first privately-financed tower to be erected in the central core since the 1930s. It was rightfully nominated for City of Seattle Landmark status on 10/19/2011.