Structure Type: landscapes - parks - state parks; landscapes - parks - urban parks

Designers: Hargreaves Associates, Landscape Architects (firm); Maltzan, Michael, Architecture (firm); George Hargreaves (landscape architect); Michael Maltzan (architect)

Dates: constructed 2007

Los Angeles, CA

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On 11/17/2007, a team composed of Hargreaves Associates and Michael Maltzen Architecture won a competition among 33 teams to design Cornfield Park, the first State of Calfornia park within the City of Los Angeles. Other teams included James Corner and Field Operations of New York, NY, and Los Angeles-based Mia Lehrer + Associates. The winning proposal would transform a 32-acre former railyard, known as the Cornfield, into park containing a 15-acre open grass-covered field, a plaza cooled by fountains and a wetlands section contiguous with the Los Angeles River. Various proposals have been floated after 2000 to reclaim sections of the Los Angeles River and to provide the city with additional park space; a study done by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) in 2000 noted that the City of Los Angeles had the worst ratio of population to park land of any major American urban area.

PCAD id: 16025