AKA: 110 Cherry Street Building, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA

Structure Type: built works - commercial buildings - office buildings; built works - commercial buildings - stores

Designers: [unspecified]

Dates: constructed 1903

3 stories, total floor area: 28,600 sq. ft.

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700 1st Avenue
Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA 98104-1403

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The Scheuerman Building occupied the northeast corner of 1st Avenue and Cherry Street; it had storefront addresses at 700 1st Avenue (at its southwestern corner) and 104 and 110 Cherry Street.

Building Notes

In 1894, the Record, a newspaper, had its offices in Room #42 of the Scheuerman Building. Henry Leland was the Record's manager and editor in 1894. (See Polk's Seattle Directory Company Seattle City Directory, 1894, p. 508.)

The masonry building had a 6,660 square foot (0.15 acre) lot and contained 28,600 gross square feet (23,002 net) on 3 floors. It had a taxable value of $4,008,400 in 2010.