Structure Type: built works - industrial buildings - factories

Designers: Herrick Corporation (firm)

Dates: constructed 1979

total floor area: 4,300,000 sq. ft.

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Everett, WA

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The Boeing Company's presence at Paine Field dated back to 1967. In 2023, it owned a 816-acre site adjacent to Paine Field, an airport operated by Snohomish County. This acreage contained a group of vast buildings designed to build various airliners, including the Boeing 747, 767, 777, 777X and 787. One of the buildings was the largest interior space by volume in the world in 2023, encompassing 472,370,319 cubic feet and occupying 98.3 acres.

Building History

On Tuesday, 01/31/2023, the last 747 produced at this Everett plant, a freighter for cargo line Atlas Air, flew off to be delivered. it was the 1,574th 747 to be built at this gigantic Everett facility. (See Dominic Gates, "The Last 747," Seattle Times, 01/29/2023, p. A1.)

Building Notes

Three of the giant 747-8 planes could be constructed simultaneously at the Everett plant. The 747-8 was 250 long and 63 feet high; the wingspan was 225-feet. Cost for each plane listed at $300 million but was discounted down to about $164 million in 09/2009. The 747-8 was hybrid of existing 747 technologies with new ones, some developed for the contemporary 787 Dreamliner program; the new plane had a length 18-feet longer than the previous 747-400 version and could seat 51 more people. The freighter variant could haul 26% more cargo than previously. Boeing executives envisioned the 747-8 to compete with Airbus's all-new and much-hyped A380, a superplane configured to carry 525 people.

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