AKA: Artwood, Seattle, WA

Structure Type: built works - public buildings - schools - elementary schools

Designers: Thiry, Paul, FAIA, Architect (firm); Paul Albert Thiry Sr. (architect)

Dates: constructed 1959

1 story

3737 NE 135th Street
Cedar Park, Seattle, WA 98125-3831

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The Seattle Public Schools closed this facility and has rented it out to the Artwood Artist's Cooperative. According to a Seattle Times article of 2004: "The school district originally set up portable classrooms in 1956 on four acres in the northeast corner of Lake City Way. Three years later it opened the modest, modular and low-slung building that sits here today. Less than 250 students moved in to attend kindergarten through sixth grade. The enrollment peaked during the 1968-69 school year at 437 but shrunk to half that in the late '70s. The school was closed in 1981." (See Richard Seven, "Life Imitates Art in this Old School," Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine, 10/17/2004,Accessed 09/15/2011.) In the mid-2012, the school board sought to demolish the Cedar Park School, claiming that it had no historical importance. A local Lake City blog noted on 04/24/2012: "In an unexpected turn of events, the district announced yesterday that the “current proposal is to move the Jane Addams K‐8 program to a newly constructed building on the Cedar Park site.” The new facility would open around 2016 and house the current Jane Addams’ program. The existing Jane Addams building would then be used for a comprehensive middle school. Just three weeks ago, none of the three proposals mentioned Jane Addams, but did note the possibility of adding middle school capacity to Olympic Hills." (See Families for Lake City, "Preliminary School Plans Change Again,"Accessed 07/10/2012.) Population increases in the low-cost Lake City area prompted the city school system to reassess its needs. Many families, particularly recent immigrants, have settled in the neighborhood because of its affordability and proximity to amenities.

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