AKA: Victoria Condominium, Queen Anne, Seattle, WA

Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses - apartment houses

Designers: Graham, John and Company, Architects and Engineers (firm); John Graham Sr. (architect/engineer)

Dates: constructed 1921

4 stories

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100 West Highland Drive
Queen Anne, Seattle, WA 98119-3576

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100-120 West Highland Drive

Building History

The firm of John Graham and Company designed this extensive, four-floor apartment building located on West Highland Drive, one of the most desirable locations in Seattle. The area has remarkable views of Elliott Bay and Downtown Seattle. The design had a Jacobethan character, and was designed in a U-shape around a central, entry courtyard. This plan type required the acquisition of more land, but its design allowed for more rooms to have windows, admitting daylight, views and fresh air.

Building Notes

According to Woodbridge and Montgomery, this Tudor courtyard apartment was the first condominium in Seattle, WA. (See Sally Woodbridge and Roger Montgomery, Guide to Architecture in Washington State, [Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1980], p. 198.)


A large-scale renovation on the Victoria Apartments occurred c. 1995.