AKA: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Northwest Housing, Westwood, Los Angeles, CA

Structure Type: built works - public buildings - schools - university buildings

Designers: Esherick, Homsey, Dodge, and Davis (EHDD) (firm); KieranTimberlake Associates LLP (firm); Myers, Barton Associates, Incorporated (BMA Incorporated) (firm); Pfeiffer Partners, Architects (firm); Predock, Antoine Architect, FAIA (firm); Charles M. Davis (architect); Peter Hampton Dodge (architect); Joseph Esherick Jr. (architect); George Homsey (architect); Stephen Kieran (architect); Barton Myers (architect); Norman Henry Pfeiffer (architect); Antoine Predock (architect); James Timberlake

Dates: constructed 1992

330 De Neve Drive
Westwood, Los Angeles, CA 90024

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The projects had addresses of 330 and 350 De Neve Drive.


This complex was first completed in 1992, and featured buildings by four notable architectural firms, Barton Myers Associates, Antoine Predock, Esherick, Homsey, Dodge and Davis (EHDD), and Gensler Associates. This first phase of construction resulted in the completion of four main components, Covel Commons, Courtside Collection, Sunset Village, and Sproul Court. These were located at 330 De Neve Drive. By 2000, UCLA facilities administrators had commissioned Pfeiffer Partners of Los Angeles to add "...1,500 beds, a 750-seat dining commons, a large multi-purpose room, meeting rooms and a small fitness center." (See ArchitectMagazine.com. "UCLA Northwest Campus Housing Infill," accessed 09/23/2019.) The number of beds rose as the project developed. The work occurred in three construction phases between 2000 and 2013. In the last phase of work, Pfeiffer worked with the Philadelphia-based architectural firm of KieranTimberlake Associates LLP on the construction of a dining hall, multipurpose room, fitness center and circulation features amounting to 496,572 square feet.

Building History

The Los Angeles-based architectural firm of Barton Myers Associates coordinated a large expansion of student housing in the northwest quarter of the UCLA campus. Various architectural firms were brought in to complete component buildings within the Myers master plan. Myers designed the Covel Commons and Courtside Residence Suites (aka the "Courtside Collection"), Antoine Predock, headquarterd in Albuquerque, NM, worked on the triangular Delta Terrace dormitory complex, and San Francisco-based Esherick, Homsey, Dodge and Daviss (EHDD), designed the Canyon Point housing area. Collectively, UCLA facilities administrators referred to Canyon Point, Courtside Suites and Delta Terrace as "Sunset Village."


Between 2000 and 2013, three construction projects added facilities to UCLA's Northwest Housing area. Pfeiffer Architects coordinated this work and provided a detailed master plan guiding the process. In the last phase, Pfeiffer collaborated with KieranTimberlake Associates LLP, on the design of dining commons seating 650, a multipurpose room accommodating 425, a fitness center, and a plaza and staircase for student circulation. The KieranTimberlake web site said of the work: "It incorporates changes to both vehicular and pedestrian circulation, with pedestrian paths and stairs that thread their way through building portals, which serve as both entrances and common spaces that link the residence halls to one another. The completion of this work has created a new student-centered precinct and fulfilled the university's mission to provide economical housing for undergraduate students." (See KieranTimberlake.com, "New Housing Adds Positive Density at UCLA," published 05/23/2014, accessed 09/23/2019.)

The KieranTimberlake additions achieved a LEED Gold certification, the largest facility on campus to receive this rating. The architects' web site described the energy-saving strategies employed: "High-performance glazing, reflective roofing, increased insulation R value at the building's exterior, and sun shading devices at the windows are some features that contributed to this rating. Site strategies included building orientation, stormwater filtration and retention, drought-resistant landscaping, and locally manufactured paving." (See KieranTimberlake.com, "New Housing Adds Positive Density at UCLA," published 05/23/2014, accessed 09/23/2019.)

PCAD id: 1198