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Male, US, born 1873-03-18, died 1964-12-23

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Orr, Palmer, Inslee, Huber and Strange, Architects and Engineers; Orr, Robert Hall, Architect; Weeks, William H., Architect

Professional History


Draftsman, William H. Weeks, Architect, Salinas, CA, c. 1897-Fall 1898; Orr worked in Salinas for nearly two years without pay to gain architectural experience. In the fall of 1898, Weeks transferred Orr to work (for pay) in Weeks's Watsonville, CA, office. At this time, Orr worked with one other draftsman, Samuel Arnold.

Principal, Robert Hall Orr, Architect, Pomona, CA.

Professional Activity

Orr joined the Southern California Chapter of the American Institute of Architects in 1912. (See Thomas J. Holleman and Norman J. Johnston, A History and Directory of the College, [Washington, D.C.: American Institute of Architects Press, 1992], p. 128.)

Professional Awards

Fellow, American Institute of Architects (FAIA), 1941;



Born in English-speaking Canada, Orr, according to the US Census of 1930, immigrated to the US in 1881. He lived in Los Angeles, CA, with his wife, daughter and his father at 5022 Marathon Street. This Marathon Street residence had a value of $20,000. (Unlike many others by 1930, Orr's household did not own a radio.) Orr died in Los Angeles County, CA, at the age of 91.


His father was James Orr. His mother's maiden name was Graham.


He married Hilda E. Orr (born c. 1877 in KS) c. 1905.


He and Hilda had one daughter, Faith (born c. 1922 in CA).

Biographical Notes

SSN: 568-24-4656;

PCAD id: 874

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