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Male, born 1858-07-23, died 1950-11-06

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McCaw and Martin, Architects; McCaw, Martin and White, Architects; Williams, Warren Heywood, Architect

Professional History

Draftsman, Warren H. Williams, Architect, Portland, OR, c. 1882-1888; Partner, Milwain and Martin, Architects, Portland,OR, c. 1888-1890; Partner, McCaw and Martin, Architects, Portland, OR, 1889-1891, 1894-1897; Partner, McCaw, Martin and White, Portland, OR, 1892-1893; (There are some discrepancies about the dates of practice for Richard Martin, Jr. Richard Ellison Ritz, in his Architects of Oregon, stated that Martin worked for Warren H. Williams from 1882-1888, then with Alexander M. Millwain, 1888-1890, and William F. McCaw, from 1890-1897. Richard Hill, in the Biographical Dictionary of Architects in Canada 1800-1950, put the dates for Martin and McCaw from 1889-1891 and 1894-1897.) Principal, Richard H. Martin, Jr., Architect, Portland, OR, 1897-1934.

When architectural licensing came to the State of OR in 1918, Martin, because he had practiced successfully for a requisite number of years before that date received a license automatically under a grandfather clause. He received OR State Architecture License #93.


Apprentice, Warren H. Williams, Architect, Portland, OR, c. 1882-1888.


His father was Richard H. Martin, Sr., born in Penzance, England, who brought his family to Portland, OR, in 1874. In England, Richard, Sr., worked as a building contractor and stone mason.

Richard H. Martin, Jr., married.

Martin had a son, Richard.

Associated Locations

  • Portland, OR (Architect's Death)
    Portland, OR

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  • Penzance, Cornwall UK (Architect's Birth)
    Penzance, Cornwall UK

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